Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Baby Boy

Morning everyone i hope you are all keeping nice and warm, it is freezing here.  This morning my oldest boy is off to london with the school. He had to be at school for 6:30 this morning and will be there for 3 days.  Late last night he had a bit of a wobble over not wanting to go on the London Eye after about an hour of talking to him and showing him pictures on the net he is going to wait until he gets there and decide then lol... thankfully the teachers are fab and i'm sure he will go on eventually.

I've packed him my old camera but forgot the batteries that go with it aren't working properly so he's took mine out of my camera which leaves me camera free til friday night.  Thankfully i have some baby boy cards that i had photographed last week to keep me blogging.

The things we do for our kids lol i just hope he enjoys his time and stays safe and warm.

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